PropTech1 becomes Gold Sponsor of RELEVATION 22

Updated: Jan 13

PropTech1 Ventures is an independent venture capital fund with a unique structure that provides strategic added value, in digitization, sustainability/ESG-Tech and customerization, for real estate entrepreneurs & companies and competitive advantages for PropTech startups. With that in mind, PropTech 1 joins RELEVATION in a Gold Sponsorship agreement for the 2022 Global Digital Fundraising for PropTech event.

In addition to that, PropTech1 brings together venture capital specialists, real estate experts and serial entrepreneurs that continuously contribute their expertise at every step of the investment process, from deal sourcing and analysis of investment opportunities to long-term smart money support.

Finally, we, at RELEVATION, would like to thank and congratulate PropTech1 for becoming one of our Gold Sponsors.

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