Aconterra Becomes Gold Sponsor of RELEVATION 22

Updated: Jan 13

In an ever-changing world, it is always very important to get on the train early rather than try to catch up with technology and innovation. This is why Aconterra believes in RELEVATION 2022. The first-ever “Smart Building” Tech fund joins RELEVATION in a Gold Sponsorship agreement for the 2022 Global Digital Fundraising for PropTech event.

Aconterra’s open-ended unique fund is aimed for long-term value and impact for European innovators. In addition to that, they focus on energy efficiency and sustainability technologies that provide safe, healthy, comfortable and secure living situations for the end-user, in all asset classes and building clusters. Also, when it comes to technology, Aconterra’s venture motivation fundamentally lies within startups with an innovation focus on software innovation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, sensors, and the Internet of Things.

We, at RELEVATION, would like to thank and congratulate Aconterra for becoming one of our Gold Sponsors.

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